Fire safety lecture


Safety firefighting conference

At 1:00 pm on July 1th , Zhang Jianan, a training instructor of the Harbin Fire Brigade, conducted an annual fire safety knowledge lecture in our office on time.

There are a number of workers, factory directors, skilled workers and office personnel to participate in the training. In just one hour, we have benefited a lot.

Use a fire extinguisher

In the annual fire safety seminar, we can gain a lot of new knowledge. Not only must we do fire and fire fighting, but we must also pay attention to the safety of personal property. The training instructor showed us a lot of videos, gas fires, fires on the lines, fires on home appliances, etc. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to the importance of fire prevention. Timed inspection and prevention.

Personal safety

The picture above shows the correct escape technique when the fire is released:

1)Bow down

2)Bend over

3)Handrail wall (Back of the hand)

4)  Wet towel covers the nose and mouth

Therefore, in daily life, we must do a good job of fire prevention. Be sure to have a home fire extinguisher at home!!!

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